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Welcome to Trek Prep Fitness

Who is Trek Prep Fitness?

Trek Prep Fitness prepares you physically and mentally for your trek, climb or outdoor course through training and education.

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Prep and Fitness Packages

Packages and services to suit everyones budget.

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Ethical Trekking

Trekking and climbing is a great way to explore amazing parts of the globe and meet great people. Trekking is a great leveller. Everyone on the trail is equal.

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Trek Prep Fitness provide a comprehensive range of services that are solely designed to prepare you for treks, climbs or other outdoor recreation pursuits that require a high degree of physical and mental competence . Trek Prep FitnessĀ is not focussed on muscle gain or weight loss. We are dedicated to helping all shapes and sizes develop the physical capacity, knowledge and confidence to complete and enjoy life-changing treks and or climbs. Our services can be categorised into 2 distinct areas:

  1. Development of physical capacities that are specific to trekking and trek climbing. This includes load carriage, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, dynamic stability and range of motion.
  2. Expert advice on what to expect and how best to prepare. This includes equipment requirements, field hygiene, trek etiquette and local culture. Clients can also take advantage of our relationships with leading suppliers of trek clothing and equipment, trekking companies. Basically this means that you have access to the best local providers at a discounted rate.

We are a small family based team that delivers a personal and friendly service. As trekkers and climbers ourselves, we train from experience and incorporate the latest training concepts in exercise science and load bearing carriage.