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This is the ideal weather for pack walking. Early morning brings us beautiful fresh crisp air and a clear sky to watch the sun come up and the day begin. The last few Wednesday mornings have just been glorious on Mt Cootha. Starting in the dark and arriving at the top as the sun peaks over the horizon to sillouete the city skyline. Our Wednesday walks are just a short 5K amble. Great for clearing the mind, or a rest day between hard sessions in the gym. Whilst I enjoy a good hard session in the gym, I also know that gym sessions are only prep sessions to prepare us for functional movement outside of the gym and in the world. Come along for a try and a chat about trekking or any up coming trip you might be considering. And if you think walking on Mt Cootha is good, wait until you get to Nepal or in the Andes.

TPF’s next organised trek is to Mera Peak in Nepal. We are putting together a great priced trek/climb and Nepal experience. Come along and get all the details.

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