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This is the ideal weather for pack walking. Early morning brings us beautiful fresh crisp air and a clear sky to watch the sun come up and the day begin. The last few Wednesday mornings have just been glorious on Mt Cootha. Starting in the dark and arriving at the top as the sun peaks over the horizon to sillouete the city skyline. Our Wednesday walks are just a short …Read More

This is the time

With the hot weather starting to ease and stabilise some what, it is time to start getting our gear ready to begin training for any up coming bush walking around South east QLD or for any overseas treks. So many great trails to explore around Mt Cootha and Gap Creek area. And to venture a little further we have the wonderful Binna Burra and Lamington region. Another great one to …Read More

Rain, Rain and more Rain

Could it be my imagination or is Australia slowly getting to a wet season/dry season style climate? Could this just be my imagination? Or could this be part of the global weather pattern changes? I would be interested to see what effect these last 2 years of rain have had on our artesian basin and the salinity of our soil.

Nepal Flights

Namaste trekkers, if you are thinking about a trek in Nepal this year after the wet season, now is the time to check out the flights and prices. Thai and Singapore fly to Kathmandu via their home hubs, but I have found Singapore to be consistently cheaper by about $800 for the last 3 years. Consider if you want a stop over in either Singapore with Sing or Bangkok with …Read More