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Ethical Trekking Practises

Why we trek, climb and provide training for Treks and Climbs

nepalWe love exploring new areas and meeting local people. We also love the friendships we make along the way.

Trekking and climbing is a great way to explore amazing parts of the globe and meet great people. Trekking is a great leveller whereby everyone on the trail is equal.

In many countries trekking has allowed us to get amongst the locals and experience a totally different lifestyle. Many treks are done in remote locations and provide us with an opportunity to leave the smart phone behind and enjoy a new environment.

As long term trekkers and climbers we enjoy passing on our knowledge and the lessons we have learned. With our knowledge of local trek areas (Specialising in Nepal and some parts of South America) we are equipped to prepare our clients physically and mentally to get the most out of their valuable holiday time. It is a great reward to us every time a client returns and tells us of their success and the great time they have had.

Our Philosophy towards ethical trekking.

  • Trekking is cheap and fun but not at another’s expense. This includes other trekkers and the staff such as guides and porters.
  • Trekking can be hard at times but always rewarding.
  • Trekking should be as low impact as possible. This can be difficult in popular areas.
  • Trekkers don’t litter or damage.
  • Trekkers should always exercise good manners and humility.