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Trekking Preparation and Fitness Packages

bridge-nepal-trekkingTrekking Preparation Fitness Training Packages

Level 1 Package

$150 per month includes:

  • Initial pre-exercise screening and determination of readiness to train
  • Initial trek specific fitness appraisal
  • TPF information pack
  •  2 x 60min outdoor small group training sessions per week
  • Weekly individualised at-home program
  • Professional advice to obtain required equipment at discounted rates
  • Professional advice and guidance on all aspects of your trek

Level 2 Package

$250 per month includes:

  • Level 1 package plus 2 x 60min 1 on 1 training sessions [Can be trek fitness sessions or extra pack walking]
  • A personal shopping day to get you fitted out specifically for your trek

Level 3 Package

By negotiation:

This is for the person that wants a one on one trainer. Price will vary depending on the number of sessions you want per week and your particular needs.

Extra sessions

$60/hr.  for 1 on 1 or group sessions.

We can also help you get on a trek and recommend trekking companies. Once you join us you can tap into all our resources.